Press’d be hard pressed to find a choir that creates a lovelier sound.
— American Record Guide, 2017
What strikes the listener immediately is not just the youthful energy and fresh perspective, but also a sense of emotional investment and shared musical ideals. Though each track retains its individuality, common threads of effortless singing, lyrical impulse, and thoughtful interpretation run through the whole.
— Review of Provenance (2017); Choral Journal, 2019
Provenance (2017) is a jewel that combines appealing, varied programming with sterling musical qualities and direct, memorable artistic communication.
— Review of Provenance (2017), Choral Journal, 2019
Kinnara revels unabashedly in luxurious sound...lush and verdant.
— New York Classical Review, 2016
a performance that sounded like absolute perfection
— Jon Sobel,, 2016